Beware! Fake Email!

Beware! If you receive an email from our 'accounts receivable' dept. please report and delete the email.
It is a very obvious scam to try and extract a payment from you. Of course you won't fall for it, but just to be on the safe side, delete the email and if possible report to your ISP as fraud.
We do not even have an accounts receivable department, we always address you by your name and will never ask you to pay any other way than through our known bank account which is on the invoice. I hope they get whoever is sending this crap - may they rot in hell.

Just to make sure, here is a picture of the email (click to enlarge):

UK distributor

As of May 2023 we have a new distributor in the UK. We are very happy to work with St George Sporting  who will be serving retailers in England, Wales and Scotland. Thank you very much on behalf of all fish and wildlife in the UK for reducing line pollution and raising awareness. No more waste line!



Contact details / direct link, see the international distributors page.


New Distributor in Italy

We are very happy that per January 2023 we finally have a distributor in Italy. It is the well known company 54 Dean Street, importer and distributor of many fine fly fishing brands. If you have a store in Italy and wish to sell Monomaster, please get in touch with them.

Contact details can be found under 'Where to buy' on our DISTRIBUTORS page.

Dutch Ladies to World Championship

We are very proud of the Netherlands Ladies fly fishing team, who will represent our country in the upcoming Ladies World Fly Fishing Championship in 2022 in Italy. It is a huge achievement to be placed for such an international event.

Monomaster is sponsoring the team with personalized Monomasters with their Dutch Women Fly Fishers' club logo. Now we can be sure they leave the Italian waters as clean as they found them.

Go girls, make us proud and have fun!

Monomaster in Canada

We are very happy to announce that, as of April 2021, we will be working with Canadian distributor of fly fishing products SHOR FISHING. They will be handling the Monomaster distribution in their beautiful country. No more waste line in Canada!

Contact details can be found under 'Where to buy' on, indeed, the DISTRIBUTORS page.

New distributors

Over the past months we started working with some new distributors in important markets we had not covered before. Now Monomaster is available again in Spain, Japan and the USA. Our partners over there are distributing Monomaster to their dealers and ultimately getting them to the local anglers.

We are happy and excited to be all working together to make our planet a bit cleaner and safer for small wildlife.

Contact details of these distributors can be found under 'where to buy' on, yep you guessed it right, the DISTRIBUTORS page.

New packaging

With the 2020 edition of the Monomaster we have made a few changes.
Since we sell a lot of custom printed Monomasters to stores and clubs, we changed the colour to a more neutral and slightly lighter shade of grey. This makes the prints look even better.
The main change is in the packaging. The old plastic blister was so out of line with the idea of the product we decided it had to go. The new cardboard box is 100% recyclable, and much smaller and lighter, thus reducing our carbon footprint as well. A win-win for the planet.

For retail stores, it comes packed per 12 units in a counter top display for an easy, clean and eye-catching store presentation. Unit packaging has a euro slot hang hole so single units can also be hung on a single- or euro peg system shop wall.

For large stores and for distributors there are 240 pc / 20 displays in a Master Carton.

Monomaster review

Earlier this month,  Brittany and Brian Davenport from Idaho, USA, published a review of the Monomaster.

You can read the review on their blog 'Hackles and Herl'. Give it a visit!

Plenty of other fly fishing, fly tying and hunting articles worth reading there, too.

Monomaster on Instagram

As of today, Monomaster is on Instagram. No more waste line!

We invite everybody who is happy using the Monomaster to follow us and share posts.
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Thank you!