Why use Monomaster

The problem:

Every angler generates waste nylon while fishing. Changing a leader, changing a fly or lure, or making a wrong cast and getting tangles, all are unavoidable, and produce shorter or longer pieces of waste fishing line.


As we anglers are very environmentally aware, we realize that throwing away bits and pieces of used nylon in the environment is not an option. It is very polluting, takes hundreds of years to break down and can form a deadly trap for birds, small mammals, fish and other animals. In many ways it spoils our beautiful nature!

So we take our waste nylon home to dispose of it in the trash can where it belongs.

magpiefishinglineBut in the meantime it sits in our vest pocket or tackle box and every angler is familiar with the frustration caused by the waste nylon we put in there: it becomes a tangled mess which gathers all kinds of small items and is very awkward to deal with. And if you forget about it, it will turn up in your washing machine and block the filter system.
Very annoying! Someone should invent a solution for this!

The solution:

Well, someone did: the Monomaster solves all of these problems.
It is compact, lightweight, easy to handle, and takes up a lot of used nylon, which can be disposed of in a responsible manner at home. The Monomaster fits in every pocket or lure box; or can be attached to a fly vest D-ring or a handy retractor.
Simply feed one end of the waste nylon in the slit, turn the handle and it is stored neatly inside the container, out of harm’s way. Another bird saved, another mouse happy!

Every angler should always carry a Monomaster to protect nature!

Learn more about how it works here:   How does it work