About us

This is a website of Poseidon, distribution company of fly fishing and related items. Poseidon is based in the Netherlands and run by Bert Vosters.
Monomaster Europe is the European distribution website for the Monomaster tool. We only sell to retailers and distributors. For country specific distributors, see the distributors page under 'where to buy'. In all other countries we sell dealer direct.


Bert at his home River Waal

Bert: ‘Fishing is a wonderful pastime. A great hobby which brings you more understanding and love of nature. It makes you aware of the impact of your actions on your immediate surroundings as well as on the environment in general. When I came across the Monomaster I realized that this little gadget will do a lot of good. It prevents accidental loss of used nylon and other fishing line and helps to keep our environment clean. Waste fishing line takes hundreds of years to break down and in the meantime it can be a deadly trap for small animals. Anything that helps to prevent that is very valuable. That is why we started selling the Monomaster to our fly fishing dealers, and that is why I started this website dedicated to promoting the use of the Monomaster further, to fishing clubs, environmental organisations, fishery owners and indeed all European fishermen and -women. This nice little product makes it a bit easier for everyone to live by the adage ‘Leave nothing but footsteps, take nothing but pictures’.’