The Monomaster is a very handy gadget designed to store waste nylon monofilament and other fishing line. It stores pieces of used line out of harm’s way and thus keeps both the environment and your vest pockets and tackle boxes clean and tidy. No more nasty surprises in your washing machine, either!

cropped-monomaster3PBB.jpgWaste nylon takes forever to break down and is a deadly trap for many small animals. That is why it is essential to keep waste nylon out of the environment and discard in a responsible manner. The Monomaster is the perfect solution and should be used by every nature-loving fisherman and -woman on the planet. Leading USA magazine ’Field and stream’ has awarded the Monomaster the ‘Best of the Best’ gold award in the category ‘fishing gadgets’. ‘Fish Alaska’ magazine awarded the Monomaster a silver medal in the category ‘other good stuff’.

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